A couple of days back I buried leftover nachos in soil. In a pot.

Why? You may ask. Well, I wanted to stop myself from binging on it and buried whatever was left in an impulse.

What happened next will blow your mind. At para 11, you’ll never see a nacho in the same light.. or spice..

(OK, that was a bad attempt at trying to buzzfeedify my introduction)

Presenting! The journey of Nachos and its packet as observed by the sole survivor — the packet.

A head full of air, they assumed.

What’s he proud of?”, says the mango Kernel, “He’s nothing but plastic. Look. Her body shouts for validation"

No MSG. Non-GMO Corn. Zero Trans…

Reminiscing life as a Statistics student at Venkateswara College, Delhi University..

Class of 2017 ❤

It all started with BR sir’s introduction to a compact class of about 70 students. “What do you want to achieve after three years of Statistics hons.?”
To be honest, I did not know. And, looks like most of us did not and more than half of us ended up answering — Actuarial.

And thus, with Goon A.M., Gupta M.K. …

Noble laureate and economist Milton Friedman said in the 1970 that the Business of Business is Business and he elaborates in an article here.
He said that the sole responsibility of a business which is run by corporate executives acting as agents on the behalf of the principal- shareholders, is to maximize profits and hence, increase shareholders’ wealth.

Should a business really be amoral, decoupled with any responsibility apart from working under the basic requirements as might be mandated under law?

Let’s look at one of history’s major corporate scandals and more that followed where corporate executives fudged their balance…

How did GDP came into being, what does GDP actually measure and what’s wrong with that?

Let’s revise: what is GDP and what was it originally supposed to measure?

Sum total of market value of economic goods and services produced in a nation within a given time period. It was supposed to measure:

  1. How fast economy is growing?
  2. Pattern of spending on goods and service.
  3. What percent increase in production is due to inflation?
  4. How much income produced is used for consumption vs investments/savings?

How GDP Came into Existence:

“In god we trust, all others must bring data”
In the 1930s, when the world was reeling from two global wars and the great depression, in the US, Roosevelt’s government…

Dear Window!

I have been hung-over since a while, yet the shrill clink of your pane feels like a melody, every time!

Photo credits

The world is blinded to my truth. Except you, for we share the same vagaries — the house dust, the Sun and the sounds of beaming life that ensues.

At the crack of dawn, as the very first rays of sunlight embrace you, me, us, I carefully take the side stage, for its your time to shine..

You bring me stories of what happens in the outdoor how the trees sway to the wind that carries messages between…

Omelas that I have Walked Past

In Ursula Le Guin’s philosophical fiction The Ones who Walk Away from Omelas, Omelas is a seemingly utopian city where people are joyous, prosperous, able to appreciate good music, nurture themselves and their children and for all practical purposes live a fulfilled life that most of us aspire for.

There’s a catch though.

Their prosperity is dependant on the abominable misery of a single child of 10, its gender barely recognisable, locked up in darkness beside a mop its terribly afraid of.

The people of Omelas are aware of this child, aware of the…

The most wholesome book I have read in a while.

“Only in silence the word,
only in dark the light,
only in dying life:
bright the hawk’s flight
on the empty sky.”

— A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin


What the book is about:

This is a coming of age story about Ged, a young wizard born in the Island of Gont in the fictional world of Earthsea. The gifted young boy is eager to learn the great powers of the wizardry with which he would perform great magic, unaware however, how the power that he wields could possibly destruct the balance of…

On having come so far and the cliche “but it was only yesterday!!!”

That’s me chilling in the Convocation Ground post classes on a bright winter afternoon

A while back I wrote about my very first day at MBA here.
After 8 months of half-online, half-offline MBA, how do I feel?
I’m torn amidst questions like “How will this help me make the world a better place?!”, thoughts on “I should be out making the world a better place” and realizations such as “this is world- where FOMO can either distract you or strengthen your ideals even more

Love it, hate it or just tolerating it, an MBA really does get to your head…

‘Change is the only constant’

I’m a 20–22 MBA candidate at IIM Lucknow, one of India’s top management schools! They’re teaching us all sorts of hi-funda stuff: digital transformation to redefine the current scope of businesses, and once the business evolves- tweaking organizational structure and HR practices in response, choosing the least risky bets to pursue with a given WACC and so on.. basically frameworks to go on about managing resources for max profits!

Well well! I have spent 3 terms, 1.5 of which was fully on campus and the rest in the online mode given the ‘new normal’. And…

Dhanushree Bhanawat

I believe in the sustainable way of living and giving back to the nature. Constantly on the lookout to reduce, replace and refurbish.

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