• Whether the technology is available to cut emissions or not
  • How old have the processes been?
  • How easy it is to pass the cost to customer?
  1. Setting the currency: GHGs are measured…

  • Competition will lead the prices to equilibrium of supply and demand
  • Everyone pays for the goods and services they use
  • Equilibrium prices will be enough to pay for the costs of goods

Source: Wikipedia

Mathematician John Allen Paulos says, “In listening…

Hitchcock’s Rule

Recurring Motifs

Excerpt from Art and Aesthetics, University Oxford Press 2017

At Herman Miller we believe the future quality of human life is dependent on both economic vitality and a healthy, sustainable natural environment. We do not see these goals as mutually exclusive, but inextricably linked. Mankind’s future depends on meeting the needs and aspirations of a growing global population, while enhancing and protecting the ecosystem on which all life depends.

  1. Stories help us express who we are, put faith in our values and form our identities
  2. Stories help us understand our past
  3. Stories help us make sense of our present
  4. We imagine our future through stories
  5. And yet, stories are not always about identification. As Aristotle says that purpose of stories is to arouse ‘terror…

Dhanushree Bhanawat

I believe in the sustainable way of living and giving back to the nature. Constantly on the lookout to reduce, replace and refurbish.

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