First Day at IIM Lucknow; Virtual MBA


A conundrum, an anxiety; a stable job or an MBA- what do I vote?

A virus that chained the world had unchained businesses from the usual,
An MBA will skill me up with resilience and adaptation in the virtual social.
Standing at the edge of unsure waters, an MBA will empower me, to have you and us, stay afloat

My choice was clear, dreams flying high, the day had finally come!

My classroom, away from classroom

A sleep half slept, anticipation had filled the rest,
The countdown was finally over, time to move to another nest.
I step towards the magnificent L gates, although routed through Meet,
something amiss, something incomplete, and yet here I am with the fleet.

My soul is proudly clad in the new PGP Email ID,
A stream of thumbnails, divided yet united in the 36th Jubilee

The first lecture on communication and its barriers; Well, at least COVID wasn’t one,
for google NOD made us raise hands and relay through speech, mute and unmute,
the annotating slides were our whiteboards with chat box to share, comment and moot

Some “Handy” tools for virtual classes

Next was an agency cost zoom in, managers and shareholders interacting with their competing lens
A classroom vibe different, fascinating still for we dived into real industry conflicts and its nuance
Never thought matters were solved like that!

Last was Statistics, seemingly easy,
but foundations had to be set for managers to deal in uncertainty

The day was long, so far so good, we thought.
Alas, the night inductions by unforgiving seniors, confiscated the smiles of the lot!

Oh the horror!

A series of tasks to be submitted in packed deadlines with no mercy,
With an aftertaste of extreme rigor, we found support in a shared misery
Finally when the birds commenced their daily rut at the day’s break,
When the google classroom showed the sweet ‘no tasks pending’, my seat, I forsake

I retire, finally;
Reveling in the reverie;
of dreams to ace,
of putting the will whenever there are ways,
of setting the apart in class apart ;),
of reaching for the star in the new start,
away, yet living the real in the virtual reality,
and nonetheless, solidifying our solidarity!

Yesterday, I was a carefree kid and the world was my stage,
Today, with my first act in a new scene, entwined in the last, I come of age!

I believe in the sustainable way of living and giving back to the nature. Constantly on the lookout to reduce, replace and refurbish.