Looking Back at first year of MBA at IIML

On having come so far and the cliche “but it was only yesterday!!!”

That’s me chilling in the Convocation Ground post classes on a bright winter afternoon

A framework or model is an excellent way to explore a new idea because it’s purposefully reductive. It removes excess, emphasizing only a small part of the whole, creating clear focus on what remains. Consider a world map — it removes most details about the planet, leaving only relative masses, names of countries and cities, and overall proximity. It doesn’t show people and emotions, weather and its impact, soil and dirt, animals, and so-on. Because of its abstraction, it’s a great way to learn a little about what’s left behind: the masses and proximity of the physical world in isolation of the experiences of people.

Frameworks by reducing a problem to parts, helps us think more clearly. However, frameworks are just guiding lights, not the path in itself. Just like the world is made up of many more lived experiences which cannot be put on a map, frameworks help you visualize a big, otherwise incomprehensible problem, it gives you a starting point. The actual thinking ofcourse needs to be regularly nurtured by failing, iterating and persisting in that order :)

Source: https://twentytwowords.com/group-projects-absolute-worst/

In projects and in life, there are multiple stakeholders, with different motivations, that we need to liaise with.

My first year taught me the importance of choosing the right team and also to be able to work in not so great ones and most importantly getting people to work with you using honest confrontation or even threats to kick people out of project credits ;) !

By looking inwards and not outwards for happiness. :)

The gratification from external sources will stop making sense once we realize that a lot of FOMO driven things do not give us a meaning. Crunching numbers on the fin assignment might just help you feel more confident as a student!

  1. Paying more attention in class, not because I have very important things to take away from MBA curriculum or maybe not just because of that — I want to be able to concentrate hard even in the most boring lectures to callous my mind and therefore be better at concentrating when I’m working on my own.
  2. Work on a college level project! For instance — making peer-to-peer learning more purposeful and intentional. Let’s see..
  3. Reading widely and deeply! There’s something immensely gratifying about learning new ideas from a case, article, blog or a book.
  4. Most importantly, finding time for my personal pursuits — fitness, gardening, dabbling in building products because those are the things that give you more meaningful happiness!

I believe in the sustainable way of living and giving back to the nature. Constantly on the lookout to reduce, replace and refurbish.