How did I finally recognize love?

Dhanushree Bhanawat
2 min readSep 15, 2019


A Poem on my life’s quest to find love..

Like the cloud, I could have vouched looked like a croc mere seconds ago, now looked like a bucket,

The love of my life, changing forms, shapes and states is, in fact, ephemeral, yet everlasting

At times I can very well touch love, at times only marvel at it, in yet other times I can only smell or feel it, unable to paint it with even the most nuanced colors.

In third grade, I complied my very first draft of a book titled ‘Crazy Facts about Nature’. I recognized love in writing.

At the turn of Tenth grade, I rediscovered love on stage. Love evolved from ‘playing with the metaphor’ to ‘playing the role’.

As years added on, love grew bigger, brighter and confusing. Like the moon which doesn’t possess a light of its own but merely reflects the Sun’s eminence, I mistook people, places and material things for embodiment of love. I sought to revel in their radiant light, failing to realize, it is I who needed to shine, to reflect, to give, not just seek.

Photo Credits: Naman Jain on 500px

Love, now wiser, grows still. It exists among the fields, in the brushing past of the leaves, in the back-and-forth of the pollen from bees to flowers and in the sacrifice of lady wasp to give life to the fig fruit! Love is through camaraderie.

However, love doesn’t like to be named, boxed, canned, caged or tied. It flows and makes its presence feel like the wind that brings fresh whiffs of hot savories frying nearby.

Love is the lamp whose light can travel through the universe, it touches people, places, and stories and I am its oil and wick!

What is love to you? I’d love to know!




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