What the curtain says to the window

Dear Window!

I have been hung-over since a while, yet the shrill clink of your pane feels like a melody, every time!

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The world is blinded to my truth. Except you, for we share the same vagaries — the house dust, the Sun and the sounds of beaming life that ensues.

At the crack of dawn, as the very first rays of sunlight embrace you, me, us, I carefully take the side stage, for its your time to shine..

You bring me stories of what happens in the outdoor how the trees sway to the wind that carries messages between long lost lovers..
and I bring you the news of the latest brawls and conciliation hugs that happen behind closed curtains!

Friendship is when two beings, look forward, together..
Our lives, however, have been spent looking opposite, unclear if I’m backward or you are, together.

Amidst the concrete buildings and isolated humans, forever glued to their screens, its us who bring them the light of the outdoors, the smell of rains and the sight of travelers headed to everywhere and nowhere…

and yet,

when the human wishes to remain unconscious a little more or when the Sun gets too treacherous, its us who dim the haven inside, shutting out the outdoor and its secrets..

At the day’s end, when the the mosquitoes arrive, making my fabric their hiding ground, I drape you goodnight…

but sometimes, when it is particularly cool outside with stars shining clear, the baby human likes to draw aside a bit of me and rest her head against your lattice:
She wonders what the outdoor secrets are, secrets that truly, only we know — and we shall bring its bits and pieces to her dreams…
The missing ones left for her to solve in her whole eternity! :D

Dear window, that’s all from me!

Blinded in friendship,

I believe in the sustainable way of living and giving back to the nature. Constantly on the lookout to reduce, replace and refurbish.